This project aims at an in-depth study of Industry standard network protocols such as Sliding Window Protocol, CSMA/CD, Routing Algorithms etc. Java applets have been designed for some of these protocols, thereby simulating their working in a networking environment for various topologies. These applets are intended to serve as teaching tools or visual aids to facilitate both on-line (web-based) and off-line (classroom) teaching.

Simulators are effective tools for dissipating information about protocols. The visual medium makes it easier to understand the working of a protocol. The development of these simulators was facilitated by the use of Java applets. Applets have the advantage that the software can be made extremely user-friendly (several services/features can be incorporated and realized with the click of a button) and it can be made visually appealing, hence the user can clearly understand the features and the working of the protocol/algorithm being implemented. In addition, Java is platform-independent. Thus the simulators can be used on any machine that either has a Java-enabled browser or a Java Virtual Machine installed on it. Applets also facilitate distribution of the software over the Internet. Another advantage of Java is its object-oriented structure, which makes software design and coding simpler. Maintainability of code is also more convenient.

Development of the simulators required an in-depth study of the protocols, which helped the project group in enhancing their knowledge of networks. The ease of use and extensive features of the applets will help the users in visualizing precisely, both the features and the working of the protocol in a constantly changing networking scenario.

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